Every other year, the Philippine Statistics Authority releases the Occupational Wages Survey, which lists the average monthly pay of different jobs across several industries.

The survey reveals that aircraft pilots, flight engineers and navigators are the highest paid employees in the Philippines with an average monthly pay of PHP165,823.


Here are the TOP 10 HIGH PAYING JOBS with their corresponding monthly salary.

  1. Aircraft Pilot, Navigator and Flight Engineer - P156,823
  2. Engineering Geologist – P101,471
  3. Graphic Designers – P99,658
  4. Art Directors – P76,612
  5. Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Fitters - P76,559
  6. Geologists in the field of mining – P71,849
  7. Statistics in the field of insurance – P56,759
  8. Crushing, grinding and chemical-mixing machinery operators – P49,646
  9. Communication Service Supervisor – P48,270
  10. Production Supervisors and General Foreman – P47,521

For those batch 2019 graduates who are still thinking of what career to pursue, there’s never been a better time to become a pilot.