The world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency due to COVID19 pandemic. During these challenging times, our top priority remains to be the health and safety of all our employees and students. With that, we have prepared a series of protocols in our operations that are aligned with recommendations of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Department of Health (DOH), and Local Government Unit (LGU).

Flight Training

  1. All flight instructors and students are required to wear their face masks at all times and should undergo a body temperature check.
  2. We have designated briefing rooms for our instructors and students. We will limit the use of briefing areas to allow social distancing. The room and equipment will be sanitized before and after the sessions.
  3. There will be a pairing of flight instructors and students and will be assigned to specific aircraft only.
  4. All aircraft will be sanitized before and after the flight, we recommend everyone to always bring hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol.
  5. The sharing of personal flight equipment is not allowed during training.
  6. For the cross country flight, the flight instructors and the students are not allowed to go outside of the premises of the airport. Both should also avoid deplaning unless necessary for ex-Filing a flight plan or checking of aircraft.
  7. Students are required to be in the hangar not earlier than 1 hour before the flight. They are also not allowed to loiter in the premises after the flight and postflight briefing.
  8. Flight instructors and pilot trainees without any flight schedule or training for the day shall not be allowed entry in the training facility.
  9. All flight instructors and students under ECQ areas are not allowed to enter the Airworks premises.

Ground Training

  1. Upon resumption of the classes, the ground school will only allow 5 people inside the classroom. The schedules will be given in advance to maintain social distancing. The room and equipment will be sanitized before and after the sessions.
  2. We offer an online class as an alternative option for students to refrain from going to the Campus.

Simulator Training

  1. The instructor and student shall bring only the necessary materials inside the simulator room and shall wear a face mask throughout the session.
  2. Simulator training must only be in a “one on one” session. Strictly no observers shall be allowed.
  3. Simulator equipment, materials, and tools used shall be disinfected thoroughly after each session.

Office Transaction

  1. For our business operation to safely continue, we have identified critical business functions and essential employees. We have set up alternate teams of employees who can be deployed at different work schedules. The teams should be physically segregated to avoid the risk of infection between co-employees.
  2. The school offices will implement “no facemask, no entry policy”. We have prepared hand sanitizing areas and doormat with disinfectant. The offices will also be sanitized before and after office hours.
  3. To maintain social distancing, the offices and the school will limit the entry of students/pilots. Everyone is required to request a schedule before going to Airworks offices.
  4. We encourage everyone to follow up on your documents via phone, messenger, or email.

With all these safety measures and protocols in place, we are positively hoping to create an atmosphere of safety and assurance for everyone in Airworks Aviation Academy.